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Mediterranean shipping company tracking – Freight forwarders have a crucial role in shaping the success of your business. If you manage to find a good shipping company, their quality and reliability will have a direct impact on your business volume. Therefore, anyone who regularly needs to send shipments to various locations will settle for none other than the best freight forwarder. However, this is easier said than done. Practically it can be a daunting task to select a good shipping company. Presently, if you are going through a similar situation, you have come to the right place. We can recommend to you the services of the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). The company is one of the largest container shipping companies in the world. So, when you bestow the responsibility of shipping to MSC, you can be completely assured of their services.

Mediterranean shipping tracking or MSC tracking

Once you have dispatched your consignment, you can track the progress easily. Just visit the official website of MSC, and you will find the option “Track A Shipment” present in the home page. After clicking this option you can enter the booking number, container number or the Bill of lading provided by MSC. Within a few seconds, you will be able to see the present status of your shipment. In case you need to clear some further doubts about your shipment, MSC suggests you to contact the local MSC team. You will find the contact number right below the shipment tracking page. MSC will not provide the MSC cargo tracking results for those who furnish wrong information or for those who do not reveal their true identity.

MSC sailing schedule

In many occasions, as a business owner, you need to know about the sailing schedules of the shipment company. MSC offers you this convenience. Previously, MSC used to send emails to their esteemed clients about their sailing information. Now, they have launched a portal, where you can see the real-time sailing schedules. The MSC sailing schedule offers comprehensive information on their East and West coast schedules.

MSC container tracking tools

MSC offers a host of utility tools for you. We have elaborated on them below:

  • Routefinder: MSC provides you with the convenience of choosing your departure and arrival points. You need to fill in the information regarding the country and port of origin from where you want the shipment to be picked up from and choose the preferable destination port or country where you are planning to send the shipment. The Routefinder tool will display all the various ways in which this transportation is possible.
  • Rate Enquiry: When you know in advance about the rate of your shipments, you will be prepared a lot better. MSC offers you the provision of entering the description of your shipment and the options to choose the type of container from the list. Additionally, you can also furnish the details of your collection points, port of loading, port of discharge and the delivery point. If you intend to send cargo, you can also check for them. You can mention the type of freight you are willing to ship, specify if the load contains any hazardous items and the volume of the shipment.
  • Arrivals and Departures: In this section, you will get up-to-date information on the MSC global vessel sailings.
  • Import Security Filing (ISF): Here, you can get easy access to the Bill of lading number information.  With this information, you can quickly complete the ISF filings with the US customs department.
  • Carbon Calculator: There are not many shipment companies who provide this tool. Here, you can get precise information on the carbon footprints of your cargo transportation.
  • Search Schedules: This section gives you information related to the port of load and the port of discharge on a given date when you sent your shipment.
  • Vessel Sharing Agreement & Slot Agreement:  For using this tool, you have to make sure the EU customs filing information with you is identical to that of MSC. This will help you to stay away from possible discrepancies.

The exclusive features of MSC tracking

MSC shipping company stands miles apart from its competitors, for all the valid reasons. Here, we discuss the services that make them unique:

  • Trade Services: The Company continuously provides in-depth and expert knowledge to help customers all over the world. Not all shipping companies have the personnel who have the knowledge and skills to guide the customers about the various aspects related to cargo shipping. Furthermore, MSC can customise their services according to the business requirements of the customer.
  • Dry Cargo: The dry cargo services of MSC deals with transportation of the most common items like paper, white-goods and scrap metals. However, being one of the pioneers in the shipping arena, MSC also deals with hazardous cargo, food-grade cargo, and rare and precious cargo. MSC has now been operating for more than forty years. They have the adequate skills and expertise to deliver any of the cargoes mentioned above to their destination without any complications.
  • Reefer Cargo: Not many shipping companies can handle the refrigerated cargo. It requires a lot of expertise and MSC has all the qualities that make them the ultimate freight forwarders for reefer cargo. Here are the reasons for which you should choose MSC as your reefer cargo provider:
    • Exceptional global coverage: MSC has connections with the leading trade centres of the world.
    • Reefer Experts: MSC has more than a thousand reefer experts. They always guarantee stable operation.
    • Regular shipping: We have already mentioned before that MSC has more than 400 container vessels. Therefore, you need not wait for a specific date for transporting your reefer cargo. MSC ships these cargoes every week on a regular basis.
    • The combination of local teams and global partners: Either ways, both of these parties have the necessary skills to deal with any perishable cargo.
    • Transporting mediums: MSC will customise the best route for you; they make the call whether the reefer cargo needs to go across rail, road or sea.
    • MSC has the best reefer fleet: With years of experience behind them, MSC has now a considerable fleet, always ready to ship the reefer cargo.
    • Inspection before shipment: MSC refers to this as a pre-trip inspection. Whenever they deal with reefer cargo, they check the content and use the best types of equipment for shipping them.

Warehousing and Storage: This is yet another significant aspect for any business. MSC understands the importance, and thus they consistently focus on warehousing and distribution services. The warehouses of MSC offer the customers several conveniences with a host of facilities. Those who decide to use the MSC services for warehousing or storing will be able to a save a lot of money. The reason being, MSC warehouses have lower inventory fees, costs of container storage are significantly less, and so are the demurrage bills. These factors will prove ideal for all the businesses.

Cross Trading: MSC offers one of the best cross trading platforms for shipping products. Well, a company having offices in more than 155 countries in the world has the expertise to deal with such aspects. So, if you require critical trading operations, the MSC shipping company should be your ideal destination.

MSC online facilities

At the present day, the internet has become indispensable for all the right reasons. MSC also provides its customers with online facilities. Over the years, MSC has embraced the technological advancements, and this has made life more comfortable for the customers. Let us take a look:

  • myMSC: MSC has come up with an online portal for their customers. The customers can manage their freight-related information 24/7. Thus, they can get real-time information on their shipments. If necessary, they can also download relevant documents. Undoubtedly, these services save a lot of time.
  • Submit Verified Gross Mass (VGM) online: The step has been taken to maintain the weight safety regulations. Customers can submit their VGM on the myMSC accounts on a worldwide basis.
  • Managing freights: As already mentioned, myMSC services are available globally. Customers from countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and the United States can avail themselves of additional services from this portal. Very soon, MSC plans to activate the myMSC facility in the countries where it is not available at present.

Important MSC shipping points

MSC has a comprehensive frequently asked questions section where you will be able to clear all your doubts regarding shipments and other related aspects. Here, we have handpicked some of these questions which may be essential for you too.

Hazardous Cargo: Previously, we have already mentioned, MSC carries hazardous cargo. However, you should know there are some consignments which MSC will not ship at any cost due to legal, ethical or environmental grounds.

Temperature data for reefer cargo: Yes, MSC has the option of recording the temperature of reefer cargo, but the information is confidential. MSC does not mind if customers place their data recorder when shipping the cargo. MSC recommends the customers to use more than one such recorder to maintain the accuracy of the information.

High Cube Containers: On many occasions, customers are unsure if MSC is going to provide them with tall cube containers. The good news is, MSC has more than 10 million high cube containers, and they are more than happy to offer it to the customers.

Means of transportation: Generally, most shipping companies resort to road and rail transport only. But MSC operates internationally. Therefore, it is going to evaluate the best possible means of transportation. If necessary, the cargo is sent via the sea.

Monitor the shipment progress: Not all shipments are meant to go overseas, so for those shipments travelling by road, customers can get in touch with the MSC transport department. The department will help the customer to notify about the current status of their shipment easily.

Monitor reefer cargo: Naturally, someone who has shipped the reefer cargo for the first time with MSC will want to know whether the shipment is being monitored while in transit. MSC ensures the reefer cargo is checked at least three times a day. For the said purpose, MSC deploys skilful engineers.

Additional information: There is a possibility you are not able to find the answer to a specific query. You can call the local MSC office in that case. Alternatively, when you browse the MSC website, you will find contact information for relevant services present there.

Summing it up, the MSC shipping company is the best option for all types of businesses big or small, if they require to ship consignments at other destinations. Additionally, the warehouse and storage services of MSC are also going to help companies to a great extent.

An overview of MSC

The Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is the second largest container shipping company. So, when you hand over your consignments to them for delivering overseas, you can be sure that the delivery will be completed as per schedule. Moreover, you have to invest the bulk of your time towards your business. So, it is not possible to know about the legal aspects of international shipping. MSC has more than 480 offices in 155 countries, and an employee base of more than 70.000. Here are some more startling facts about MSC. The Company has a fleet of 490 container vessels which are capable of carrying a whopping 3.1 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU). MSC operates in more than 200 routes and the containers reach over 500 ports. These stats speak volumes about the magnitude of the company. Additionally, MSC also offers a bunch of other services like warehousing and storage solutions and much more. MSC has all the answers for delivering your consignment in the fastest possible way. The robust infrastructure of ocean, road and rail carriage of the company is indeed commendable.

MSC emphasises on catering to the needs of the customers in the best possible ways. They use their experience and develop tailor-made services whenever necessary. MSC has gone through exponential growth as it is currently one of the best in cargo shipping. Yet, they attend to the requirements of all their customers – big or small – with the same passion and dedication. Their modus operandi will satisfy every customer. Customers who work with MSC are not going to look for any other shipping company ever.